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RK's Scratch-N-Sniff IRC
Spermies Caution Penguin Enter Fish Hop Lap Lick Repeat Respect Wildthing Arrow Confused Hug Kiss Kiss2 Kiss3 Kiss4 Ravage L-Roses Roses Sexy Trenchcoat Whipped Wink
whisper Away Back LOL ROTF :-) Kiss Wave XO Roses Slug <~~~ Ask? WB Hug Rept Hi Spid Brws Wedgy Caps Bomb
Make Me Blush Large Hug Huge Kiss Rubber Band Condom Make Confort Hit You Who's Wet? Looking Up Crayons Pre Sex Chant Wiz Runs into Cyber Sexers Belly Button Party!!! Spelling Me Showers Cyber With You You Are Hot

Mimes's IRC